About Brad Smith 

      Brad Smith is a passionate communicator of Biblical truth. Inside the local church, he functions as a pastor and teacher. This is his first love and priority.  Outside of his role in the local church, when time allows, doors are open for evangelism, healing services, leadership development, and missions projects.  


      Saved at age 13, Brad began his journey with Christ. When asleep at age 14, he had a dream where he saw people going to Hell. Awakened in a cold sweat, a voice told him to preach the Gospel. Late in his teen years, he stumbled and fell away from the faith. After graduation, he married Blonnie, his high school sweetheart. Newly married at 18, Brad had an encounter with God in a backslidden condition which caused a radical turnaround. It was then that he led his unbelieving wife to faith in Jesus. After serving in the local church by doing whatever they could do, they finally surrendered to the call of God. At age 23, he and his wife Blonnie jumped into full-time ministry.


      They have served in various capacities in the local church such as youth, associate, and lead pastors. Aside from local church ministry, they have been actively involved in prison ministry, itinerant ministry, leadership training, and missionary church planting.  They are both are credentialed ministers with the Assemblies of God. 


      The purpose of Brad Smith Ministries is to have an avenue to promote and share his passion: Missions. Each year, he travels deep into the dark places of Africa to reach people groups who have never heard the Gospel. Once salvation is received, pastors are raised up, churches are built, and the process is repeated. Since  entering the ministry in 2005, Brad has seen approximately 7,500 people make a first time decision to follow Jesus as Lord, as well as countless others being healed, baptized in water and Spirit, and being called into Gospel ministry. 


      In partnership with Mikey and Shereen Cheshier Ministries and the Kenyan Assemblies of God, he is co-founding a missionary training center at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Loitokitok, Kenya with an expected launch of mid 2022. This training center will be the first of it's kind, focusing on launching Kenyan nationals across the border to be missionaries to Muslim nations. 

      Brad's heart is to impart faith to God's people, to demonstrate Christ's compassion to all, and to make Jesus' name famous in all the Earth. Brad and Blonnie Smith, along with their two children, reside in Woodward, Oklahoma where they pastor Woodward First Assembly, a growing local church.  A complete doctrinal statement of beliefs can be found here

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