Brad Smith is one of those ministers that leave a lasting impression wherever he serves. It has been my joy to partner with him in ministry in many venues around the world.

 I've watched him move in the ministry of healing, deliverance, restoration, and prophecy.  His ministry is proven and stands up to the scrutiny of the scriptures.


I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with BSM for missions and evangelism purposes. 

Mikey Cheshier // Missionary

Mikey Cheshier Ministries


      Pastor Brad Smith is a pastor who is after His Father’s heart. He is a man who, every day, looks more and more like Christ.


      He preaches truth boldly and without fear of man. He practices what he preaches and always calls the people around him higher into fulfilling their destiny and calling. He freely operates in the gifts of healing, deliverance, exhortation, and prophecy. 

      I've traveled numerous times around the world with him and their teams ministering to the unreached, orphans, and widows.  He is a friend, role model, good steward of all he is given, pioneer, example of Jesus, and an all-around great person. 

      Taylor Shoats // Missionary 

      Love Well Ministries


      Pastor Brad Smith is an authentic, anointed leader who is passionate for the heart of God. His love for the hurting, the hungry and the hopeless is evident in preaching, teaching and reaching the lost with the good news of Christ globally.


      I have been honored to call him my friend for many years and wholeheartedly endorse his ministry.


      He is a strong, stable and capable leader in the midst of a generation who desperately needs truth. 

      Shane Warren // Lead Pastor

      The Bend, Cookeville,TN


      Having known Brad Smith for a number of years now, there is one thing about him that is constantly changing: His passion for souls.


      What do I mean by that?  Within him is a growing intensity for winning the lost that I have rarely seen.  From sacrificial missions in Africa to serving his local church,  

      he continually pushes for more of God's Kingdom to advance.


      Everyone must be involved in the Great Commission.  Some send and some go. BSM is fruitful and trustworthy ground to sow into.

      Craig Adams // Lead Pastor 

      Gateway, Ashtabula, OH


      I've  known Pastor Brad Smith for the last 5 years.  I got to know him as a student while I was in Bible School in Kenya. I've gone with him for several missions. 


      I want to affirm that he is called of God and has a heart for souls. He also has a wonderful family who are beside him in the call. He has ministered in my local church here in Kenya, and God moved mightily. 


      God has called all of us to preach to the nations for all men to know, and partnering with BSM is a worthy investment.

      When you partner with this ministry, you are helping raise up students and pastors to go into the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ . 

      Lucy Wangare // Lead Pastor 

      Total AG Narok

      Narok, Kenya


      I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside Pastor Brad and witnessing his journey with Christ for over a 1 ½ decades. Since 2004, I've watched God take him from a zealous young believer to a mature man of God.


      It's been very evident over the years that God has given him an undeniable heart for souls.


      From the local church to the Kenyan heat, God has used him to push the Kingdom of God forward.


      There are times when one may begin to assess their life.  It’s often in those moments, that God reminds you that he loves you by who he has placed in your circle. That’s the way I feel about Pastor Brad-- A long time trailblazer, friend and brother.

      Charles Simmons // Lead Pastor 

      Connect Church, Conway, AR