Come To Africa With Us


Have you ever been interested in getting out of your comfort zone? Have you been intrigued by the missionary stories of old where the Gospel is confirmed by signs and wonders?


If so, you should consider going with us to Africa! Each year, BSM partners with Mikey and Shereen Cheshier Ministries and other full gospel missionaries to go into the unreached parts of Africa to reach people who have never heard the Gospel. 

Is it safe?

While nothing is without risk, including walking across the street or going to a large US city, our team leaders have a collective 30 plus years of ministry experience overseas and have yet to lose a team member or have a major injury. The safety of those who travel with us is very important. 

Our next upcoming trip is October 18th -29th, 2021. The all inclusive cost is $3,500, which includes airfare, all meals in country, travel, lodging, and related grounds costs. It will be an exploratory trip on the edge of Mt. Kilimanjaro which borders the nation of Tanzania.A deposit of $2,000 is due by August 15th,2021Price does not include vaccinations, airport meals, souvenirs, or $50 travel visa which is required to enter the country. 


      *Online visa purchase for Kenya trips can be made here:


           Yellow Fever (Recommended, but not required)

           Tetanus (It's good to be up to date)

           Malaria Preventative (Ask your doctor for options)