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Brad Smith 

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Brad Smith's passion can be defined in one word -- Souls.


At age 13, he was radically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. At age 14, he had a dream where he heard the lost screaming out in Hell.  Awakened in a cold sweat, he heard an audible voice telling him to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

That call has led him on a lifetime of adventures. Using the voice God gave him, he communicates with passion through preaching, teaching, and writing. From the church, the prison system, and to the darkest corners of Africa, Brad has endeavored to spend his life on the Great Commission. 

He and his wife Blonnie have pastored several turnaround churches, resulting in life returning to desolate places. Aside from his first love of the local church, He has invested in missionary evangelism and church planting. Most recently, he cofounded  Kilimanjaro School Of Missions, a missionary training center in Kenya.


He and Blonnie both are ordained with the Assemblies of God and pastor Woodward First Assembly of God in Woodward, Oklahoma.  He is also affiliated with City Harvest Network, a network of likeminded ministers founded by Dr. Rod Parsley. 

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 As his pastoral schedule allows, Pastor Brad makes himself available to minister outside the local church. Whether you're a small church or a big church, it does not matter. We don't put a price on our ministry. All we ask is that you get us there and receive a love offering! 

- Pastor/Board Leadership Training



Pastor/Staff Leadership Training


- Healing Seminars


- Bible Prophecy Seminars


- Local Church Revivals


If you're interested, please click the button below and we'll respond shortly. *More priority is given to non-Sunday morning events. 

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A Note From Our Founder

As a pastor myself, my heartbeat is the local church. BSM serves as an extension of my ministry in the local body. That said, I wholeheartedly believe that the tithe belongs to the local church. BSM is a missions outreach, so all donations and offerings should be considered as such.

At BSM, financial integrity is very important to us. Not only are we an IRS recognized 501 c3, but we also provide transparency to our donors and, a website devoted to charitable organizations. 

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to preach the Gospel to the world?


Brad Smith Ministries

PO Box 796

Woodward, Oklahoma 73802

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