As his pastoral schedule allows, Pastor Brad makes himself available to minister outside the local church. Whether you're a small church or a big church, it does not matter. We don't put a price on our ministry. All we ask is that you get us there and receive a love offering! 

- Saturday Pastor/Board Leadership Training

     *These sessions focus on a healthy structure of the local church leadership. Sessions can be offered on Zoom or in person. Ideally these meetings start at 10 am, break for lunch, and conclude at 2 pm. 


- Saturday Pastor/Staff Leadership Training

     *These sessions focus on building a healthy culture with staff that provide longevity in staff relations. These meetings start at 10 am, break for lunch, and end at 2 pm. 

- Healing Seminars

     *These meetings focus on teaching the truth of God's word as it relates to divine healing and culminate with praying for the sick. 

- Bible Prophecy Seminars

     *These meetings ideally would range from Sunday pm - Tuesday pm and focus on the nation of Israel, end time events, and the Book of Revelation. 

- Local Church Revivals

     *These meetings are themed to spur the local church into a state of seeking God for more of His presence. Since Pastor Brad rarely misses a Sunday at his local church (there are exceptions), we ideally book these meetings Sunday pm- Tuesday pm. Sunday morning requests WILL be considered.

If you're interested, please click the button below and we'll respond shortly. 

God bless!

Brad Smith Ministries